Welcome to the world of my creation Through Vision turned to ART
The Darkness

Emotion from the past brought into photography.

Photography that makes you feel emotion, makes you stop and think. some have called it Shock Photography.

The In-Between

I love all types of photography, Just dont ask me to do weddings. I will shoot The wedding if I can shoot the Divorce.

But on a real note, If you have a creative Idea hit me up love the challenge!

The Light

I love making moving pictures as well, not everything is Dark! I plan on having a port that involves beauty as well!

The Tarot

The main Project that I am working on! I figure it will take about a year and will keep me on my toes.

I plan on doing this with no photoshop only camera raw limited touch up. and you may ask why? The reason is because I like a challenge! that does not mean I am trying to be a Purest. I am far from it But I do like the idea

Days Until Next Shoot








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